Why should corporations go for legacy software modernization?

Why should corporations go for legacy software modernization?

A legacy system is an outdated software application that is used by organizations or companies as it still executes the functions it was initially planned to do. This can be an expensive and ineffective application, but the organization finds it difficult to replace it.

Since businesses are developing constantly due to changes in the economy, management, market situations, and new laws, legacy software’s can no longer adequately support the technological needs of organizations. 

Legacy Modernization:

We now know what legacy systems are, so it is time to comprehend how to modernize them for your company’s needs. Legacy modernization is a procedure of transforming a legacy system into a modern infrastructure to minimize costs and enhance flexibility, collaboration, and reliability. According to the study, companies that modernized the legacy software greatly minimized the complete cost of the business functions by more than 13%.  It was also observed that the businesses with modernized legacy systems were able to enhance their annual revenue by a maximum of 14%.

What Are The Merits of Legacy System Modernization?

Legacy system modernization empowers all departments within your company so that you could work more effectively and smartly. We are going to tell you some compelling reasons to make the shift.

Cost Minimization:

Companies that modernize legacy software systems are likely to have a reduction in price. Once you shift from local on-premise data centers to cloud-based solutions, you can alleviate the cost. Cloud-based solutions provide more changeable and adaptable services at reasonable prices. It is important to know that companies spend more budget on the maintenance of the legacy systems which comprises of managing the old codebase and increasing the support tickets. Modernization permits you to re-architect the legacy code with open-source programming languages.

Smooth Business Processes:

With the help of legacy modernization, the business processes could run smoothly and there will be fewer chances of risks. However, it will help to increase productivity and employee morale as a result of fewer system breakdowns and a better user experience. Many companies find it hard to develop new products or features with legacy systems. With modernized applications, it becomes extremely easy to plan for the design, new features, and services in the minimum time period.

Productivity & Performance:

Successful and efficient business comprehends the significance of productivity in the workplace. Being productive could surely help the company increase and utilize resources effectively. Making the productivity of the team better is one of the essential merits of modernizing legacy systems. Once you upgrade the legacy applications, it then enhances the creativity of the team.


Security is definitely one of the most crucial reasons why you must consider modernizing legacy systems. According to the research, the outdated systems are not safe and you can’t rely on them. So, the modernization of legacy systems provides you with better security of sensitive and confidential information and data. When you replace your legacy system with new up-to-date software that employs all the latest security protocols, you significantly limit the chances of intellectual theft as all your important documents are fully encrypted and protected.

Better User Experience:

It really becomes easy to focus on delivering value to your customers when you start modernizing legacy software. The well-informed consumers of technology require smooth engagements from businesses. However, the outdated business software affects the ability to deliver and does not make the customer experience better. Once you modernize the software, it then helps in making the customer experience great.

When Do You Need Modernization?

Signs when your application needs modernization:

  • Your application is slow and cumbersome
  • Your application crashes frequently
  • Your application’s function and maintenance prices are high
  • Your application looks out-dated
  • Your application user engagement graph is decreasing

Let’s dive into the different legacy systems modernization approaches: 

Different Legacy Systems Modernization Approaches:

There are some effective methods that you must know to enjoy the benefits.


This method means using the outdated app’s elements again. The method connects the current code to the new presentation. It permits for expanding the list of factors and API is also involved in this procedure.


This process is not time-taking and it is almost risk-free. However, your legacy information system would not change a lot. Professionals suggest selecting migration from legacy systems to cloud or SQL. Cloud migration is all about flexibility and this approach ensures the protection of data, stability, and updates.


If you select this method then you must not start something on a large scale. It is sufficient to add automated scaling or use a managed database offering. The main motive is to adjust the current code to a new legacy platform.


Some businesses may wish to refactor codes. It is just like rewriting them from scratch. It is the best way to start the functionality and fix the tech problems.


This permits making integration better by using the recent tech advancements.

Rebuild & Redesign:

You can start thinking about rebuilding your legacy application if you strive to get more features and options. It means rewriting its features from zero.


It is about choosing a new solution and getting rid of the previous one. It is important to check the requirements of the tech that you plan to implement.

Here are some tips for you to choose the best agency for legacy software modernization:

  • Choose that agency that would recommend discovery workshops. Legacy modernization is a wide process, that is why it is important to understand work first. Also, choose a company under your domain and business procedures as that is a key to successfully updating the legacy systems.
  • Keeping the client in the loop should be the foremost quality to look for in an agency. This will reduce the chances of rework and will ensure that the modernized software is according to your demands and expectations.
  • You should check if the agency is able to deliver quality services or not. Ask for references or talk to other companies with whom they have done legacy modernization prior.
  • It is crucial to communicate with the agency well. Ask them questions to have clarity as this will help you to make an effective decision.
  • You can even make a deal regarding the training of your current IT staff according to the new modernized software to increase efficiency and revenue.

Key Takeaways:

Legacy application modernization will be helping your business in many ways. Moreover, being a business owner, you would need to first comprehend your business motive and plan. Is your business ready for application modernization? Get connected with Code District now as our team will help you at every stage of your legacy system modernization.

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