Web Application Trends 2021

Web Application Trends 2021


The number of websites online is increasing rapidly every passing day. A shift to a modernized society has demonstrated a vast evolution in terms of technology, that includes web applications, webpages, software modernity, and the list goes on.

Evolution is a slow and steady change amalgamated in our society. It is no secret that the technical evolution this world faced has numerous advantages. No wonder why everything has an element of technology in it, be it placing an order for McDonalds or getting an online health checkup.

In case you are wondering what web applications are, they are application softwares that runs on web servers instead of local system operating devices. Online retail services are a great and relevant example of web applications.

Like almost everything else, web applications have trends that change as the world modernizes and evolutionizes. These web applications have made development much faster for users and their experiences regarding online web applications.

Mostly digital agencies stated that most clients complain regarding poor user experiences and the hindrances it causes. Contrary to this, web sales and tech oriented sales have witnessed a rise every passing year. Therefore, development in terms of web applications is all we need!

Over the years, new technologies and softwares have emerged in the market. In order for organizations to stay competitive, they need to keep their web applications, servers, and softwares updated for better UX as well as efficiency in terms of work processing.

2021 surely has a lot to offer. With everything experiencing a change, web application trends have also experienced evolution. The article below talks about the top 2021 web application trends.

Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever noticed how many things now take place without any human interaction at all? If we compare this idea with what things used to be like in 2000, we will recognise a huge progression. Be it ordering groceries online or healthcare apps, everything has definitely reduced human interaction to a huge degree. AI imitates human intelligence and develops the cognitive functions of a program, such as comprehension, data collection/analysis, and enhancement of multi-tasking. In 2021, we should expect AI technology to become more prevalent. Opinion polls indicate that even top corporate executives lack a thorough and definite understanding of AI and that many ordinary citizens mistake it with super-powered robots or hyper-intelligent computers. In reality, They combine information from a number of different sources using indicators, electronic information, or virtual inputs, interpret the content immediately, and act on the information extracted from that data. As such they are intentionally crafted by humans to interpret the results based on their instant analysis. It makes it convenient for creators of eCommerce as they provide websites with sufficient online support. With active assistance, it facilitates its users to order food, tickets, and other items with only one touch. In fact, according to Gartiner, nearly 85% of all consumer encounters are expected to continue without any human assistance until 2021.

Single page applications

A single-page website is a detailed, scrollable page that comes equipped with complete information about the respective website without switching to any other website. It then prevents visitors from complicated navigation, clusters of text to read and a multi-level menu. Through using JavaScript to load content,  single-page applications decrease the reloading criteria for websites. These apps do not need extended waiting time in the user’s browser and web pages. These kinds of websites are not designed for the e-commerce market. Instead they are developed  for websites accessed through mobile phones, they are beneficial since the user does not have to hop over other pages in order to gather vital information. Such services are useful to corporations as they offer a remarkable rise in sales. After all, people (including the people reading this) hate running around and searching for information on different forums and websites. With this evolution being the new norm, even hearing about the conventional hopping sounds exhaustive.

Voice search optimization

The process of optimizing your pages to feature in voice searches is voice search optimization. You code for the way humans demonstrate vocal searches as you optimize for voice search. It enables the ability to make voice search systems read your pages out loud. For any emerging organization, a voice search optimization strategy is important. With more people using search devices, you ought to invest in this solution to access such individuals. Sales are generated by voice searches. These applications are used by people to make sales and to search organizations. You’re cutting out on profits if you don’t plan for this. By engaging in voice search optimization, you can help locate more individuals find about your business. In 2021, voice search will account for 50% of all searches. As a tool for retrieving information, voice search will continue to expand and become more popular. More voice search applications will happen as more individuals get to use voice search apps.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a digital recording mechanism that makes it hard or unlikely to alter, hack, or cheat the system. A blockchain is fundamentally a digital transaction database that is duplicated and distributed on the blockchain through most of the network such as the internet systems. As blocks are updated, blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are increasingly and progressively rising, which massively contributes to the security of the database. With blockchain results across social media, it can be confirmed that it is not possible to recreate all published data. Users could more safely store data and secure their ownership. That will therefore, fix controversies, breaches of privacy and issues with data control. Blockchain, while keeping a database of its records, is a better and secure way to record data and keep information updated. The records can not be altered or mistakenly lost by someone and you gain benefits from both a historical data trail, plus an automatically up-to-date record. One of the newest and highest rising skills in the IT field today is the blockchain. There are about 44% of companies that have implemented blockchain internationally. We all know that with its success in delivering safe and stable online purchases, this technology has taken quite a turn in the industry.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or IoT is an integrated device framework that demands little or practically no user-side actions for its processes. In 2021, IoT’s growth and increasing development  will be the result of several web application developments. Medical devices in today’s world are a great example of IOT and its flourishing impact on this world. The sole purpose for IOT devices to exist is to make human life easier and hassle-free, which indeed it has. Transport, healthcare, marketing, etc. are basic niches that most likely are affected the most by the rise in IOT development. Trends in web application and user experiences are also likely to be a major chunk of IOT. It surely is one of the megatrends that shape the development of technology and relevant frameworks in our society today. Automation through IOT devices has given an evident rise in sales and online transactions. Keeping the current situation in mind when almost everything is being done online, the role of IOT has been immense in making things easier. Be it work from home or online shopping; IOT has surely been one of the rising web application trends of 2021.

Responsive web design (RWD)

Responsive web designing is a web development approach that has contributed in creating a spectacular change in the appearances and designing of websites in 2021. This approach is customized according to the screen of the user and also ensures a seamless UX. The use of a single webpage with the desired data instead of hopping on to ten has definitely aided in amplifying the development in terms of web applications and its trends. It also makes the maintenance of web pages easier and timely. RWD also has the potential to support new breakpoints if needed in future hence it is a great investment for the longer run as well. Increasing use of mobile phones and applications have made the usage of RWD more significant. It is a great example of user-interface plasticity. It stands the variations of the system as well as the environment while maintaining its usability.

Cloud Computing

IT specialists that have multi-cloud skills are more likely to have an increased demand in 2021. This signifies that cloud computing is one of the rising trends of web applications and development in 2020. Cloud computing has evolved and emerged over the years. Previously, organizations believed in a single cloud fits all approach however that does not apply to the web development in 2021. Companies are now looking for multi-cloud skills hence cloud computing is a part of this list. All thanks to Cloud Computing that now we can access our emails and applications on mobile phones as well. Moreover, we can store our images through applications like google drive and dropbox. The convenience is immense, honestly. Cloud computing allows users to access the same applications using the internet through any medium. It gives the users with a collaborated efficiency and a great UX at the same time along with convenience. Moreover, it also reduces the cost of IT operations and maintenance. Using cloud computing can result in a reduced cost for organizations to manage all their IT systems.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is an attempt to protect computers, softwares, web applications, and web servers from shaddy attacks and malicious invasions. One of the biggest concerns that was a result of modernisation is privacy and security. It makes sense since using social media means that your computers and mobile phones have access to all your data. The concern of privacy and security hence is valid. However, through cyber security you can ensure safety. Cyber threats and hacking are literally the darks side of technology advancements. Hence it is important for organizations to take precautions and measures for the privacy of their clients and users. As a result of technology advancements, cyber security is relevant and significant in 2021. Therefore, companies should work on strengthening their cyber security for the confidentiality of data and safety of their users.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the use of computers and technology to create simulated environments in reality. It gives users the opportunity to witness the experience.. It is as interesting and intriguing as it sounds. It creates an artificial environment for the users. It has definitely shaped the future with its extremely modern technology. It has wearables also known as VR devices that give users another degree of experience and simulation. Its relevance is highly recognisable in 2021 since a concept like this isn’t even possible a decade ago from today. The difference between virtual reality and augmented reality will just be discussed in a bit, in case you are trying to figure out the difference.

Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two sides of the same coin. However, AR is used to simulate objects in the real environment. Google earth and Pokémon Go are examples of the advancements in terms of AR and VR. Objects that exist in real life can have an impact on technology through AR. This advancement is one of the rising trends of web applications in the modern world. AR adds on to the reality you can see. It is a futuristic technology but has already made its way to the society even today. Applications and tablets now also work in accordance to objects. An example of this is the game Pokémon Go that took the internet through a storm. However, there is still a vast future awaiting advancements in AR because of its futuristic technology. Conclusively, web application trends have been through a process of modernization and evolution since the past few years. They have made UX seamless and more secure.

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