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Make data science your competitive advantage.

IoT Software Development

Code District embeds IOT development services in its custom solutions to maximize benefits and empower consumers with next-gen IoT products

System Integration

Our backend engineering allows you to communicate and keep a track of your devices through industry standards and custom protocols while achieving an end to end encryption throughout

Extension into IoT

Expanding custom and enterprise solutions into IoT, converting connected devices into valuable assets that monitor customer experience and valuable data.

Enterprise Iot Services
Enterprise & Industrial IoT


With our connected systems, you can gather, store and leverage data from intelligent devices across your network


Leveraging beacons and delivering custom solutions to help enterprises produce insights based on their user’s location.


We deliver custom solutions through RFID, that enables you to gather, store and transmit digital information.


Code District maximizes efficiency and minimizes operating cost, by providing sensor-driving data to the decision-makers.

Consumer IoT

Smart Homes

We provide smart home integration through our IoT solutions with sensory recognition


Code district helps create a bridge between its clients and the environment through our high-end wearable.

Healthcare Apps

Our IoT solutions complement patient care through location tracking, remote access and connectivity

Smart Cars

Integrating our IoT solutions with smart cars to help you pioneer the new era of smart vehicle production

Success Stories


We designed & developed a mobile product that lets users do online shopping in a secure and hassle-free manner. The user needs to have it's special BLE credit card and mobile device together to do online shopping. All the fields in the checkout page get auto-filled when the user taps the special credit card on the mobile device.


Dryve.NYC rents cars to drivers who want to drive on Uber, Lyft, or MyTaxi.

The Dryve.NYC platform includes a comprehensive Super Admin Web App, Customer Mobile App (to locate vehicles, manage their rentals using a BLE enabled car access device, and manage payments).

Switch Automation

An IoT platform for all your buildings, data, operations, and your team.

It allows you to control your home or building using the Switch Automation control solution.

Why Code District?

We help you solve technological challenges by unlocking the best tech talent.

8+ Years of Experience
  • We are your trusted tech partner and take full responsibility of your project while you focus on your core business.
  • We work under standard work for hire agreements and NDA’s to safeguard your intellectual property rights.
  • Solid business domain experience, technical expertise & knowledge of latest industry trends helps us deliver exceptional results.
  • Being cost conscious, we deliver quality products well on time and within your budget
Fast & Reliable
  • We conduct the most accurate initial assessment of your project within 72 hours.
  • The lead time for the commencement of a new project is usually within 2 weeks, far quicker by any industry standard.
  • Our world-class development process ensures agility, goals alignment and use of the latest practices to avoid bottlenecks.
  • Agile based project management, with 100% online cloud based tools to ensure round the clock visibility.
Top Tech Talent
  • We only hire the best of the lot. Get access to top talent of experienced product managers, the smartest designers, and meticulous software engineers.
  • We plan for the future and document every detail while working, for smooth handover and easy upgrades later on.
  • Our engineers are always up-to-date with the latest tech stacks and emerging tech’s appropriate applications.

Awards & Achievements

We are proud to be recognized as a top service provider by these platforms.

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