HealthTech Expertise

We bring innovation to conventional healthcare by building interconnected and fully integrated solutions from the back office and laboratories to hospitals, physicians, pharmacists and patients.

EHR Systems

We can help you develop HIPAA compliant, user-friendly and easy to integrate electronic health record systems.

Prescription Management

We minimize medication errors by creating mobile apps to store patients' allergy, biometric and prescription data.

Clinical Management

Build apps that streamline clinical processes (appointments, check ins, laboratory), monitor and track patient progress, and deliver personalized care.

Medical Insurance

Streamline medical insurance services through our custom build mobile apps that bridge the gap between patients and insurance providers.

Information Exchange

Build apps with us that allow all medical parties; doctors, patients & pharmacists to seamlessly view and share health records.

Patient Portals

You help create apps that give patients full access to their medical records, health and billing related information for effective disease management.

Lifestyle Tracking

Create health and fitness related apps with our technical experts to help monitor and track daily physical activities.

Medical Practice Mgmt.

We help you develop medical systems for internal procedures (billings, CRM, etc.) along with equipment and facilities management

Turnkey Telemedicine Solutions

We are inspired to disrupt telemedicine solutions that allow healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and prescribe treatment for patients by introducing IoT and wearable technology into other telecommunications mediums. This allows for real-time monitoring and easy and effective chronic disease management.

So what are you waiting for, simply test run our engineers with a test task to get started.

Mobile Health Services

We create enterprise grade-level mobile healthcare solutions for doctors and personal health applications for patients, including EHR, clinical and laboratory management, system integrative mobile applications and disease management, appointment scheduling and wellness and lifestyle apps.

Mobile Apps For Doctors
  • Administrative apps for nurses
  • E-Prescription
  • Mobile Hospital CRMs
  • Roster Management
  • Sharing & Collaboration
Mobile Apps For Patients
  • Telemedicine Consultation
  • Health Monitoring
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Appointment Scheduling & Check-ins
  • Chronic Disease Management

Compliance and Security

Our tech experts are always up to date with industry compliance and security regulations and have mechanisms in place to address related challenges and limitations.



We ensure that the systems and applications we build are fully HIPAA compliant allowing for secure sharing and processing of medical information and records.



Our GPS tracking, informational /educational, personal health tracking and doctor/patient conferencing apps are all designed to be FDA compliant to ensure patient’s privacy.



Data protection measures that allow meaningful use of EHR are at the heart of all our healthcare related apps. Every single app we develop perfectly abides by the HITECH Act.

Success Stories


A modern digital cardio practice company for whom we built their chat engine with easy patient check-in and challenging Athena integrations; while ensuring full HIPAA Compliance.


Developed a Patient Engagement Management to remove discrepancies & fake data entry.


A modern digital cardio practice company for whom we built their chat engine with easy patient check-in and challenging Athena integrations; while ensuring full HIPAA Compliance.


A project for Telmon Medical Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The essential features for the healthcare application you are looking to develop actually vary significantly depending upon what kind of application it is. However, there are some features that are fairly common to almost all of these applications. They are listed below:

  • Payment module
  • Appointment bookings and scheduling
  • Contacting options
  • Mobile responsive applications
  • Chatting or Messaging facility

The biggest and the most important challenge developers face with healthcare applications is meeting HIPAA, FDA, HITECH and all other security standards and regulation compliance requirements. Without appropriate security and compliance measures in place your app will not be able to make the ride even if it's the best of the lot in other aspects.

It is not possible for us or for that matter for anyone to provide you with a ballpark estimate on development costs without first fully understanding your requirements and more exact specifications. We suggest you to get on a quick call with us to tell us more about your product or service, and only after a more profound understanding would we be able to share any costing information with you.

No matter how great your app idea is, you’ll need some good combo of the following to turn it into a disruptive market success:

  • At least 80% requirements crystal clear
  • HImproved services within less time and cost
  • Mobile friendly applications
  • Experienced development team that understands your needs clearly

Awards & Achievements

We are proud to be recognized as a top service provider by these platforms.

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