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We build trendsetting enterprise mobile apps that streamline your business processes.

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Formulate winning mobile strategies to transform your business, cut down on costs and optimise processes with our Agile Discovery Workshops .

Build a Prototype

We frame functional prototypes, based on our cumulative ADW requirement analysis, to provide you with a profound understanding on how the end product will perform.

Mobile UI/UX Design

We custom design your UI/UX to better address the mobility needs of your business, its data processes and its potential users.

End to End Mobile App Development

We can help you with resource management & scheduling, end to end automation of applications, claims and requests with absolute audibility and compliance.

Testing Automation for Mobile

Manual mobile app testing is a losing proposition so Code District offers automated mobile testing services to maximum efficiency in terms of cost, time and functionality.

Emerging Technologies

Let's together create contextually intelligent apps that solve your business needs and take challenging situations headon, while providing exciting user experiences.

Endless Possibilities for your Industry

Regardless of the industry you operate in, enterprise mobility has the capability of transferring consumer behavior with contextually intelligent data.

From the warehouse to the sales floor, enterprise mobility apps give you and your business more power.

  • See how your latest designs and stocking options are performing and boost inventory accordingly.
  • Keep an eye on store traffic to adjust shift coverage. Add more shift staff available for busy weekends with the tap of a finger.
  • Salesperson can now suggest complementing accessories while billing customer’s order on tablets and easily add them to their bill.
  • No need for customers to stand in long queues, you can now quickly check them out with Google or Apple Pay.

Hospitals and healthcare apps are working together to address a critical need of discharge and re-admittance in this industry for all, may it be a nurse, a technician, a home health provider or a manager.

  • Reduce the risk of hospital readmission with real-time access to the person’s assessments, medical history, re-admission flags notes and key reference materials.
  • Allow floor managers quick access to all the floor rooms, all the different patients and his/her individual critical tasks or KPIs for that day.
  • Ability to see what nurses and technicians are doing to support a discharge on time for particular patients and then accordingly managing tasks and resources effectively.
  • Use data analysis to offer a real-time view of lab status, safety alerts, patients requests, and delegated tasks so nurse and technicians know exactly where to go and what to do.

Mining, energy and other industrial companies operate complex equipment such as drills and excavators that mobility has made more easy to cater to and care for.

  • Optimize and prioritize maintenance work, proactively suggest procedures and tools for each job and provide all equipment repair and history.
  • A map of the site shows equipment location based on real time GPS data and special map layers show hazard zones and provide satellite views.
  • Technicians can view their schedule for the day, week or further out. They also get real time updates on work orders and asset data.
  • Technicians can collaborate with outside colleagues and supervisors, access personalized safety tips and trainings and receive analytics driven alerts about changing weather conditions and more.

Going mobile helps insurance agents and wealth advisors better serve clients by showing the relevant connections right away.

  • View CRM data upfront and see what actions are to be performed along with the options and recommendations around that particular action.
  • Contact a client directly by checking the details from the CRM, set it up for later in the calendar or delegate to a member of the team.
  • Conduct highly accurate risk inspections by viewing upcoming and in progress inspections, assessing risk history, and streamlining the risk assessment process.
  • Help risk inspectors review a particular client’s most recent claims on sight to enable better service and more informed decision making.

The applicability of enterprise mobility in manufacturing industry ranges from shift transitions and production efficiency to the reporting and overcoming of unsafe situations.

  • Immediately see what the transition points from the previous shift were, what is overdue, what your critical tasks are and who is on my shift.
  • Empowers workers to instantly report and share unsafe conditions and hazards that companies work so hard to eliminate.
  • Deal with unsafe situations and critical tasks like machinery requiring quick attention immediately and positively affect quality and production continuity.
  • Monitor the recall of defective products only to reduce costs and optimize production.

Big Data and IoT technology has transformed traditional banking and financial ways to empower you to timely make well informed decisions in a mobile environment

  • Bankers can make house call on small business owners equipped with deep data and the ability to complete transactions on the spot.
  • Helps wealth advisors prioritize tasks and customize analytics to see what is really important for better client relationships.
  • Mortgage officers can client collect information in no time, offer accurate product recommendations, and easily select and apply for mortgages.
  • A quick look at the clients cash flow enables the banker can help the client apply for a line of credit to help grow the business.

Smart and intelligent apps have made their way into the real estate industry and significantly altered its methods of conducting day to day business.

  • Real estate brokers can help corporates find smart buildings that support their technology goals improving productivity and creating collaborative workspace for employees.
  • Help clients prepare for any lease changes that are being proposed internationally, avoid lease penalties and overpayments.
  • Real estate agents don't have to carry lengthy brochures and instead travel with compact mobile devices/tablets to provide details and virtual tours to clients.

Large Scale Applicability of Field Force Automation

Field force is an integral part of a diverse range of industries. It's your sales force, field data collectors, on-site contractors/labourers, brand activation team etc. Essentially any part your company that is out there working remotely as a team and continuously reporting back to their control office can leverage mobile.

With our custom built field force automation mobile apps you can now make your field force more productive, efficient and real-time. These apps are specifically designed for accurate data collection and processing that reaps tremendous benefits.

This will be enable to you:

  • No more fake entries
  • Say NO to cumbersome data extrapolation from endless excel sheets.
  • Auto-data entry onto backend systems - Saves Cost and Time.
  • Improves time-sensitive decision making ability.
  • Ensures accurate location specific data acquisition with GPS tracking.

Success Stories

global id

A portable, private & secure identity for individual and group interactions. Being their trusted tech partners we helped them in building the system.


Nielsen is a global measurement and data analytics company. We built their analytics dashboards for providing the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide.

caribbean airlines

We built their mobile app with SIP integration which resulted in improved customer service and a cost-effective solution.

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