E-Learning Services

Leverage our technical knowledge and expertise to custom-build progressive Learning Management Systems with the following key essentials to educational programs, tailored to your specific needs.

Course Management

Educators can upload and manage content/course packs, including videos, audios, presentations. They can schedule courses with calendar integrations for classes.

Content Submission

Learners can view and download course materials from any device via logins and make their own content submission as per scheduled deadlines.

Skill Assessment

Learner's progress is tracked throughout the course with quiz and assessment tools. Dashboards are also created to evaluate an individual's skill level and make comparisons..

Personalized Learning

Based on the learner’s own progress we enable the initiation of customised learning programs, tailored dashboard, personal space and context-aware targeted content.

Educational Games

To encourage healthy competition and facilitate learning we introduce points, badges, rewards and bonus levels along with reality based storyboards and leaderboards

Standards & Specifications

We make sure to abide by all LMS standards and protocol recommendations like SCORM, TinCan API, Section 508 and CM15 while developing your e-learning platforms

Corporate Training

Code District develops tailor-made enterprise grade level applications for personalized employee training and micro-learning programs.

Learning Branching

Individuals can have their own personal environment with different users within the company and courses being offered.

Certification Management

Corporations can set up certification paths for their employees with awards and decertification regulations.

Enterprise Integration

We integrate your LMS system with your internal emails, calendar and portals to provide a seamless learning experience.


You can have user access level security along with secure communication and sharing channels and strong IP protection.

Why Code District?

Clear and transparent process led by a dedicated technical product manager, who ensures your satisfaction at all times.

We create a cross-functional team to find the perfect blend of tech teams and tested development processes that ensure the highest quality custom built products on time and within budget.

Specialized Experts

We compose teams based on your specific Product requirements, to ensure that best-fit experts are working on your project.

Immediate Start

No need for a costly & time consuming recruitment process - we can get into action as soon as you' re ready to start.

Strong IP Protection

All work is done under standard "Work for Hire" and NDA's. We employ internal safeguards to ensure confidentiality at all times.

Domain Expertise

Solid business domain experience, technical expertise & knowledge of latest industry trends is helps us deliver exceptional results.

Quality Guaranteed

Our internal QA teams goes through what was implemented and compares it to the requirements and ensures everything spot on.

Transparent Execution

Using a combination of various communication and project management tools, we provide complete transparency on all of our clients projects.

Success Stories


They are a personalized health driven e-learning system. We helped them revamp their existing architecture to a more robust and responsive one.


Contextionary is an online context dictionary, we built the entire platform from scratch using Python base API, stripe integration, social logins, user management.


Revamped their web based e-learning platform to better satisfy their existing members and ease the process for onboarding new subscribers

Awards & Achievements

We are proud to be recognized as a top service provider by these platforms.

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