Essential Factors to Consider when Hiring a Dedicated Team

Essential Factors to Consider when Hiring a Dedicated Team

Today, connecting with virtual development organizations is a practical approach to deal with programming solutions. Hiring a DT, ultimately makes you work with experts to perform particular tasks. There are various models in the corporate world where employing a DT ends up as a best choice to satisfy the evolving business needs.

Dedicated Team Model

DTM is a plan of action where the client and the outsourcing firm commonly take a shot at an agreement. At the client’s request, the vendor provides a team of IT experts that coordinate with their concerns for a particular time. Mainly, the recruitment, administration and onboarding of selective experts is done by the vendor following the client’s requirements. Afterwards, the client demonstrates the specific project details to the team and the team starts to work with full fixation, and creates an impact to accomplish business objectives and undertaking goals proficiently. DT not only includes software developers. In fact, it also serves as:

  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Business Analysts
  • 2D/3D Artists
  • DevOps Engineer

Why to Hire a Dedicated Team?

Dedicated Team Model is not a Universal Recipe.

It does not follow any standard formats and is not applicable for all sorts of businesses. Generally, it is suggested for big and adaptable projects. There exist a number of factors that create a need to hire a DT:

Big, Complex & Long Term Projects

Strategic projects that actually enhance your company’s reputation, need to be handled with proper control and expertise. In order to timely upgrade these big and complicated projects, DT professionals are hired. They make sure the project’s successful performance at the end of the day.

Focus Properly

n case,  you are committed to other business activities that require your proper attention and focus, while at the same time you also lack the required advanced technical skills. Then, you better hire a Dedicated Team of experts who are capable of achieving the desired outcome in a specific time period.

Expand In a New Market

When you plan to expand your venture in a new market, and you do not wish to recruit new experts internally, then a DT can work wonders for you by developing effective product development strategies to hit the new market successfully in no time. But for that to happen, you need to provide DT experts with your company’s insights that will help them win the market efficiently. “Out of the companies that chose to outsource, 24% do it to increase efficiency, and 18% do it to receive assistance from an expert.”

Risk Minimization

The market is ever changing, and perfection is the key to win the market. So, there remains no room for risks and mistakes. In order to avoid any risks or resolve project related issues before time, one should seek for DT expert’s assistance. They are professionals and can better understand the project requirements and contribute their knowledge, skills and experience to build a perfect end software solution.

Development of DTM

Hiring a DT is a thoughtful decision but building a DT requires significant considerations and evaluation of expert’s aptitude. You can access an expert’s technical potential and skills that resonate with your specific demands. Development of DTM has following requirements to follow:

Research/ Discover

First and foremost, you need to discover a trustworthy outsourcing company. A well reputed firm with a good past record of serving the other clients, can provide you with best professionals to handle your project efficiently.

Scoping/ Specific Requirements

After discovering a vendor, one must clarify his specific requirements related to the project. It will help the vendor set up a team of experts with the right capabilities that best suit the undertaking, and to determine the number and the type of experts with the desired qualification and experience. Following this progression, terms and conditions for the contract are talked about and hence the two ventures step into a partnership for a particular time period.

Setting Up/ Development

After signing the contract, you need to provide the experts with everything they need during the contract work i.e.

  • Make sure to set up all the project related tools for them, which they would be needing throughout the tenure.
  • Properly display all the company’s policies to educate them about the standards of working for your firm.
  • Lay out the scheduled deadlines for deliverables to keep them informed before time.


After the preliminary setup, you welcome the team onboard and the experts get set to work with full devotion to raise a programming solution. The team just works on the assigned project and constantly updates the client about their performance and feedback on project growth.

Scalability & Flexibility

At this stage, the DT is fully operating and is now bound to the project until it’s complete. If at any point during the contract, you feel the need for scalability or flexibility, then you should communicate that to the vendor and negotiate the terms and conditions once again. This is why DTM is considered as a first choice for long term projects.

DTM has earned $85.6 Billion market share in 2018 which highlights the growth rate of this model.”

Pros of DTM:

Full Control

The client keeps an eye on the team structure and the project progress. As he keeps the authority to replace the specialists under specific situations to get all hands on deck.

Team Cohesion and Stability

DT experts possess the vitality and focus to achieve the project goals. They share a bond of cohesion and stability among themselves for better correspondence and managing the project issues.

Cost Effective Model

Employing a full time expert for a temporary purpose can be very costly for a company. Moreover, recruiting, onboarding, administrating, and holding the employee around adds up to the cost. So, in that case, DTM fits the needs better.

No Fuss in Business Activities

DTM makes it possible for you to properly focus on your other business activities. The structured team performs its duty with full devotion and adds its expertise to raise the best technological solution for the project goals.

Transparent Management and Communication

DTM acts as an in-house department working in a different specified space. It follows one to one communication i.e. Client and team with no intermediaries and it also becomes extremely easy for the client to discuss the advancing needs with DT on a timely basis.

Deep Knowledge and Commitment

The DT experts when start a contract, they initially comprehend client’s idea and organization’s culture, values, policies, practices, procedures and executives. This all assists them to keep themselves aligned to the business needs and objectives.

Cons of DTM

Communication Problems

Normally, when you work with the remote team of experts there are chances of miscommunication, as mostly the communication takes place through online tools which are certainly inferior to close and personal contact. Issues like location and time zones influence interactions and hence disrupt the essence of work. So it is essential that all these issues are addressed and mitigated before-hand, prior to signing the contract.

Organizational Concerns

Till now, you have seen that setting up a partnership with an intermediary to hire a DT is not as simple as it appears. It requires a number of calls, meetings, negotiations and considerations before hopping onto the contract. Once you are satisfied with the vendor’s performance. It becomes easy for you to share the core details with the team peacefully.

Low Efficiency for Short Time Projects

As discussed above, the DTM best suits the long term projects which need changes and adaptability according to your requirements. Hence, the DTM is designed to work at a particular pace to achieve a goal within a designated time. Generally, it is not recommended for short term projects as it would cost you too high. So, in such cases, you should seek for another model.

Hiring Crew Members

When it comes to hiring crew members, one should be selective in choosing the crew and should select the most appropriate and relevant professionals for the project work. He should design his team himself and should keep scanning their performance. Hiring a wrong crew can lead to the disappointing yields.

Mainly, it is the outsourcing company that deals with all the legal aspects of hiring the DT crew and managing their administration, hiring and onboarding. But still, a few important points to be considered before hiring DT are as follows:

Non-Disclosure Agreement

According to this, a person is bound not to leak out the company’s data, information or ideas and can only use the company’s core details for the purpose assigned to him. If he disobeys then a penalty is typically charged. It will be a wise decision to make the vendor first sign this agreement before providing the company’s sensitive information.

Statement of Work

This document provides the work scope in terms of specifying the deliverables, terms and conditions, scheduling tasks, durations and other requirements. It enables DT to easily understand the work plan to sift through the software solution productively and timely.

Managing Your Dedicated Team

We all have experienced during this pandemic that it is so tough to manage a seamless team which you cannot interface with physically. Being a business client, you must monitor the ongoing operations in your remote group of developers. In addition to being in charge of the experts, you also need to show up on a daily/weekly basis to keep them motivated and intact.

Changes in Plan

With the evolving technological advancements, you can incorporate changes in your road map by reviewing and updating your specific requirements.

Rescheduling Tasks

Moreover, one should reschedule meetings multiple times, to stay well informed about the DT performance and project progress. Arrange video calling and inquire about the deliverables and status of the project.


At last but not the least, appreciation is a key factor that keeps your hired DT work with enthusiasm and zeal. Treat them as legitimate professionals and give pace to their ideas in the project. Being professionals they can better forecast and implement useful strategies.

Analyzing DT Performance

Once the DT is hired, your actual task begins. You need to observe DT’s performance. So, for that purpose, task analysis meetings are arranged. The major elements of these meetings should be:

  • What was the task assigned to each member?
  • What has each member done by now?
  • What are the problems they are facing during the project work?
  • Have they achieved the milestone?
  • What do they think of the project’s scalability?
  • What do they predict about the project’s success?

By means of these questions, you would be able to access the team’s involvement and dedication towards the project accomplishment. More importantly, the performance analysis enhances the client’s trust in the DT.

35% of companies outsource IT services because it frees up resources and allows them to focus on the core business.”

Summing Up

Now, it will not be wrong to say that DTM is one of the most popular models where a team of professionals is outsourced to meet the needs of your project at hand. It is best suited for the long and complex projects and it offers optimal flexibility and scalability to the project.

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