Why Work With Code District

Get access to the top talent of experienced product managers, smartest designers, and engineers.

Worry-free software development

We have a standardized development process derived from industry best practices and our learnings across projects. Helps you save time, money and energy.


Agile based project management, with 100% online cloud-based tools to ensure round the clock visibility & delivery.

Fair agreements & Strong IP Protection

Standard ‘work for hire’ contracts but flexible enough to allow for quick team size adjustments, scope changes in fixed-price projects and pay only for work delivered.

Strong commitment to delivery

Every project comes with a delivery commitment. We make sure that we deliver the project as promised, no matter what happens.

We Can Help You With

Consulting Services

Our expert AWS consultants assess your business needs and provide a comprehensive solution architecture that fits your budget.

Expert Implementation

We have the hands-on expertise to create and migrate applications on top cloud platforms, enabling you to expand your business capabilities.

Seamless Integration

From app integration with AWS-hosted data sources to connecting enterprise-scale solutions, we provide end-to-end integration services.

Robust Back-end Development

With an AWS-based integrated backend, we help mobile and web app developers develop and scale their solutions.


Our scalable backends can handle increasing application traffic to prevent downtime and ensure seamless operations.

Continuous Improvement

We work with you to continuously optimize your cloud environment for efficiency, cost savings, and innovation.

Success Stories

global id

A portable, private & secure identity for individual and group interactions. Being their trusted tech partners we helped them in building the system.


Nielsen is a global measurement and data analytics company. We built their analytics dashboards for providing the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide.

caribbean airlines

We built their mobile app with SIP integration which resulted in improved customer service and a cost-effective solution.

Let’s get started today!

Share your business goal and we will take care of its entire IT component. We can provide you with full range of IT services and guide your product to market.