Our Areas Of Expertise

Our team is highly skilled in conducting in-depth business analysis to understand your needs and accordingly develop systems for your business’s digital transformation.

Workflow Management

Highly experienced in developing multiple Workflow Management systems (approval & change, data entry forms, issue tracking etc) which allow for maximum transparency & efficiency.

Data Flow Management

Our capabilities include secure, cost effective and scalable sharing & processing of data in real time, optimizing import/export and searching and reporting across large data sets.

Knowledge Management

We build fully customised knowledge bases, for efficient creation, use, and communication of information, specific to your business needs. This includes eLearning and online trainings as well.

Case Management

We can help you with resource management & scheduling, end to end automation of applications, claims and requests with absolute audibility and compliance.

Project Portfolio Management

We can help you build solutions that can allow you to manage resources, multiple projects along with their prioritization, document and financial management.

Automating existing Excel based Processes

We know how cumbersome and tiring it can be to extrapolate data from endless excel spreadsheets.

Leverage our diverse business process automation expertise to automate your existing excel run processes and provide you with much more than rudimentary insights.

This will be enable to you:

Effectively generate more complex reports and analysis

Cut back on time consuming data accumulation and reporting functions

Improve workforce efficiency and productivity

Better collaboration and communication among multiple users

Eliminate bottlenecks in workflow tasks

Some Automation Examples

Family Dallor

Family Dollar

6,000+ Family Dollar district managers used to perform audits for 8,000+ stores using paper to excel based process.

We automated the entire process by building mobile apps that allowed for real-time data collection, processing and analytics. Live GPS tracking eliminated any issues of fake entries.

City Insurance

One of the fastest risk management firms and insurance brokerages relied exclusively on excel & word documents for their day to day sales and underwriting operations.

We came to their rescue by developing an online portal for all their leads, data storage, access and distribution. It provided effective collaboration between agents and brokers and enabled 10x faster application processing.

City Insurance

Our Process

Our process covers all stages from understanding your business needs and processes to developing and implementing the perfect solution.

Requirement Analysis
  • Requirements specifications and goals collection
  • Study existing processes, data and systems
  • Design a blueprint system
  • Technology consulting

Opt for our Agile Discovery Workshop, if you need help in requirementsdefinition.

Development & Implementation
  • Complete overhaul of existing system
  • Plugins and addons for system augmentation
  • Step by step new system implementation
  • Bug Testing
  • User manual and training sessions
  • Vertical Integration
  • Extensive API Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Communication Integration
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Integration
Support and Maintenance
  • 24/7 trained support staff
  • Multi-level technical support
  • Bottleneck elimination
  • Newer platforms and product versions upgradation

How we can work together

Fixed Scope

You know exactly what you want to build - we understand the project and give you an initial estimate. This might be adjusted a bit after the first milestone - discovery. From there we guarantee development at fixed price.

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Dedicated Teams

We perfectly match a dedicated agile team with your tech & product requirements. They can either work using your development processes with your existing in-house (or external) or work independently.

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Awards & Achievements

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